Meet the hive

Daniel Rimes

I am presently a Member of Youth Parliament 2017. I have been a member of MYC for 4 years and have seen it change and develop into a great place for young people to represent others and make changes for the young people of Manchester.

Elijah Walters Othman

I am a Member of Youth Parliament 2017. The Manchester Youth Council has allowed our hopes to be realised and our dreams to be made a reality.

Emmanuella Takyi

I joined the Manchester Youth Council as part of Eastland Youth Forum.

Hannah Rashidi

I am a member of Manchester Youth Council and I represent Young Carers.

Hasaan Amin

I represent Parrs Wood High School and Sixth Form College.

Hassan Dantata

Manchester Youth Council has been a life changing experience. I have become a lot more confident and gained valuable skills such as working as a team, leadership skills and become a more critical thinker. I love it!

Isabel Bagnoli

I joined 2 years ago because I wanted to feel more part of the community and democracy.

Ishaa Asim

I joined the Manchester Youth Council because I wanted to meet like-minded people who are as passionate about politics as I am.

Jessica Oppong-Adjei

I represent young people and wanted to share my ideas, have fun and meet other young people to make a change.

Marta Bagnoli

I joined Mancheser Youth Council because after the last election, I wanted to take action.

Regina Adeleke

I have passion for change and joined the HIVE to help me make Manchester a great place for young people.

Reko Smith

I joined Manchester Youth Council in July 2016.

Samuel Remi Akinwale

My experience as a Member of Youth Parliament was truly enlightening, an opportunity to make a great impact on the lives of many and amplify the voice of youth.

Vanessa Attipoe

Vanessa is a member of the Manchester Youth Council for 2017.